Cancer: Cancer Types | Signs & Symptoms | How Cancer spreads ?

Types of Cancer

What is cancer?

Cancer is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. Cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems. Cancer is not just one disease but many diseases. 

There are more than 100 different types of Cancers. Given below are major Cancer types:

♦ Anal cancer

♦ Asbestos & lung disease (mesothelioma)

♦ Bile duct cancer

♦ Bladder cancer
Typical Type of Skin Cancer

♦ Bone cancer (sarcoma)

♦ Bowel cancer (also called as colon,rectal & colorectal)
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♦ Brain & spinal cord tumors

♦ Breast cancer  
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♦ Carcinoid tumors (neuron-endocrine)

♦ Cervical cancer

♦ Endocrine cancer (thyroid)

♦ Eye cancer

♦ Family cancers (genetics & risk)

♦ Gall bladder cancer

♦ Head & neck cancers (mouth, nose & throat)

♦ Kaposi's sarcoma
Smoking causes Lung Cancer

♦ Kidney cancer

♦ Leukaemia

♦ Liver Cancer
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♦ Lung cancer
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♦ Lymphoma (non-Hodgkin & Hodgkin)

♦ Melanoma
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♦ Mesothelioma

♦ Multiple myeloma

♦ Oesophagus cancer

♦ Ovarian cancer

♦ Pancreatic cancer

♦ Penis cancer

♦ Peritoneal cancer
Eye cancer

♦ Prostate cancer 
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♦ Skin cancers (non-melanoma)
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♦ Soft tissue cancers

♦ Spinal tumors

♦ Stomach & oesophageal cancer

♦ Testicular cancer

♦ Thymus cancer

♦ Uterus cancer (endometrial cancer)

♦ Unknown primary

♦ Vaginal cancer

♦ Vulval cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

1. Unexplained weight loss

Lost a lot of weight over a short period of time (a couple of months or less) that can’t be explained by changes in your diet . This may be a symptom of Cancer.


Almost all people with cancer will have fever at some time, especially if the cancer or its treatment affects the immune system. 

3. Fatigue

Fatigue is extreme tiredness that doesn’t get better with rest. It may be an important symptom as cancer develops. However it may happen early in some cancers, like leukemia. Some colon or stomach cancers can cause blood loss that’s not obvious. This is another way cancer can cause fatigue.

4. Pain

Pain may be an early symptom with some cancers like bone cancers or testicular cancer. Pain is a common symptom in people with cancer. However, it may help to know that up to 95% of cancer pain can be treated successfully.Back pain can be a symptom of cancer of the colon, rectum, or ovary. Most often, pain due to cancer means it has already spread (metastasized) from where it started.
Untreated pain can make other aspects of cancer seem worse, such as fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, nausea, constipation, sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, and mental confusion.

5.Skin changes

A change on the skin is the most common sign of skin cancer. This may be a new growth, a sore that doesn't heal, or a change in an old growth. Not all skin cancers look the same. Sometimes skin cancer is painful, but usually it is not. Some of the changes that occur in skin in cancer : 

⇒  Darker looking skin (hyper-pigmentation)
⇒  Yellowish skin and eyes (jaundice)
⇒  Reddened skin
⇒  Itching (pruritis)
⇒  Excessive hair growth
⇒ New moles develop or increase in size of moles. An outline of a mole becomes notched. Moles become itchy or tingle. Moles become bleed or weep.
∗ A spot changes colour from brown to black or is varied.
∗ A spot becomes raised or develops a lump within it. The surface of a mole becoming rough, scaly or ulcerated.
∗ Spots look different from the others.

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 How cancer Spreads ?

Given below is the video on How cancer forms and spreads.

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