5 Amazing Health Benefits of Lychee Fruits in Summers

Amazing Health Benefits of Lychee

1. Litchi Strengthens Immunity

Lychees are known for its antioxidant properties as it improves the immune system of our body. They protect against common diseases like cough, cold and flu. Lychee contains Vitamin C which strengthens immune system to shield from normal diseases.

2. Lychee Prevent Heart Disease

Lychee contains high amount of dietary fiber which promotes cardiovascular health.

It was found that Lychee decrease bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL) level in blood. Subsequently it enhances the blood flow towards the heart and  decreases the danger of heart attack, stroke and hypertension.

3.  Lychee Aids Digestion

Lychee is good for digestion. It keeps up a clean stomach, improves appetite and cures indigestion and burning sensation in the stomach. It also protect body from other diseases like piles and colon cancer.

4. Lychee Helps Weight loss

Lychee fruits are generally lower in calories, comprises of no immersed fats or even cholesterol levels, yet loaded with solvent fiber which ordinarily, can be truly key for individuals who are stressed over their unnecessary body-weight.
  Oligonol, a low molecular weight polyphenol, is found abundantly in lychee fruit helps improve blood flow to organs, reduce weight

5. Lychee is Good For skin

Litchis help to nourish the skin oils which reduce the growth of acne. It also leads to less spot on the skin. Consumption of lychee is effective in vanishing signs of ageing like fine lines and dark spots.
Vitamin C and high substance of water in lychee keeps the skin very much hydrated and cleans out the contamination in type of free radicals accordingly making the skin look youthful and new.  

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