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Jaundice (also known as icterus) is a yellowish pigmentation of the skin, the conjunctival membranes over the sclerae (whites of the eyes), and other mucous membranes caused by increased levels of bilirubin in the blood. This hyper-bilirubinemia subsequently causes increased levels of bilirubin in the extracellular fluid. Concentration of bilirubin in blood plasma is normally below 1.2 mg/dL Jaundice may appear suddenly or develop slowly over time.

Jaundice Types 

There are three fundamental types of jaundice:
Hepatocellular jaundice - Hepatocellular jaundice is a type of jaundice that occurs as a result of liver disease or injury.

Hemolytic jaundice - Hemolytic jaundice is a type of jaundice that occurs as a result of hemolysis (an accelerated breakdown of erythrocytes - red blood cells) leading to an increase in production of bilirubin.

Obstructive jaundice - Obstructive jaundice is a type of jaundice that occurs as a result of an obstruction in the bile duct (a system of tubes that carries bile from the liver to the gallbladder and small intestine), which prevents bilirubin from leaving the liver.

Jaundice Signs and Symptoms

 1.The main symptom of Jaundice is a yellow discoloration of the white part of the eyes (sclera) and of the skin.When Jaundice is more severe, these areas may look brown.

2. Yellow color inside the mouth and nose. 
3.Stools (faeces) can be pale in color and urine dark in color.

4. Some fundamental conditions, which prompt jaundice, may feel like flu, and may additionally bring about fever, chills, stomach pain, severe constipation, itching and loss of appetite.

5. Person Feels extremely weak during Jaundice.

6. Additional Symptoms of Jaundice include:

light-colored stools                                  ∗ Abdominal pain, 

∗ Nausea and vomiting,                              ∗ Headache

∗ Weakness,                                               ∗ Confusion,      

∗ Swelling of the legs and abdomen

Jaundice Causes

There are many causes of jaundice. Jaundice Risk Factors include:
a) However, Jaundice can happen at any age and may be a sign of a problem. An excess of Bilirubin reasons Jaundice. Bilirubin is a yellow substance in hemoglobin, the substance that carries oxygen in your red platelets. As red blood cells break down, your body manufactures new cells to replace them. The old ones are processed by the liver. On the off chance that the liver can't handle the blood cells as they break down, Bilirubin develops in the body and your skin may look yellow.

b) The liver is overloaded or damaged

c) Jaundice can also happen due to many reasons, such as
→ Blood disorders such as decreased amount of Red Blood cells in the body. 

→ Genetic syndromes 

→ Liver diseases, such as hepatitis or cirrhosis 

→ Blockage of bile ducts 

→ Infections 

→ An Adverse reaction to or overdose of Medicines (drugs) 

Liver Cancer or Gallstones

Jaundice Prevention

Prevention to be taken During Jaundice

The most vital part of treatment is adequate rest, until the Jaundice recovers completely. This does not mean complete bed rest. Simply rest at home is sufficient. 

The other important aspect in Jaundice is diet. The patient should have normal home cooked food without excessive oil. The patient need not have boiled food. In the starting stages the patient has a considerable measure of sickness. During this period a great deal of fluids like fruit juices will be helpful. 
Avoid potentially contaminated water.
maintain a healthy weight as your height 
If You drink, avoid heavy alcohol use
Avoid medications and toxins which can cause hemolysis or directly damage the liver. 

Jaundice Diet

Foods to eat During Jaundice

The simple form of jaundice can be cured rapidly by diet therapy and exercises.The patient should take rest until the acute symptoms of the disease subside.The patient should be put on a juice fast for a week.  

Best foods to cure Jaundice Quickly:-

✓ Radish Juice

Radish juice has the capacity of removing excess bilirubin from the blood and liver. He very effective for Jaundice treatment.

✓ Coriander Seeds

Coriander Seeds are the best natural alternatives during Jaundice.

✓ Tomato Juice

Tomato juice helps you rejuvenate liver cells. Hence is highly recommended during Jaundice. 

✓ Amla or Indian gooseberry

Amla or Indian gooseberry contains rich amount of vitamins which is an antibiotic during Jaundice.

✓ Basil Leaves

Basil Leaves are the best natural medicine to cure Jaundice super-fast.

✓ Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice Boost Digestive system during Jaundice.

✓ Pineapple

Pineapple Juice that can effectively cure Jaundice. It can detoxify the body and help cleanse the liver cells. Hence should be taken on an regular basis to cure Jaundice.

✓ Sugarcane Juice 

Sugarcane juice is natural medicine to cure Jaundice. It helps speed up recovery in Jaundice treatment.   

✓ Curd 

Curd is very beneficial in Jaundice treatment. Curd enhances digestion and also strengthens the digestive system.

✓ Chamomile Tea 

Chamomile tea is known for its detoxifying effects, and when consumed on a daily basis, will remove toxins from the body that are causing damage to the liver. Hence very effective during during Jaundice. 

Jaundice Food to Avoid

The food items given below must be avoided until proper recovery :

∗ Street Food 

Street Foods like Burgers, Pizzas Hotdogs, etc. must be completely avoided during Jaundice.

∗ Pickle 

Any food product which is pickle with any preservative to be avoided during Jaundice. Patient can have less spicy normal veg food with normal salt quantity.

∗ Sugary Products

Sugar Products such as Jam, Ice-cream, Dessert, Canned Juice, Chocolates, Pastries, Sweet, Honey, Sweeteners, Cake, Cookies, Biscuits, Aerated Drink, etc. must be kept out of the way during Jaundice.

∗ Cereals  

Excess protein intake can rarely cause jaundice. Hence Cereals shouldn't be taken during Jaundice treatment.

∗ Salad

Taking Salad during can make your illness more serious. Therefore salads must be completely avoided during this period.

∗ Oily and Fried Item 

Oily and Fried Item stores excess fat in the liver, hence can cause any harm or problems to the liver. Therefore must be avoided in Jaundice.  

∗ Milk Product 

Milk Products such as Milk, Cheese, Butter must be avoid instead You can take Curd(Yogurt) during Jaundice. 

∗ High Cholesterol Foods

High Cholesterol Food such as Red Meat, Poultry, Egg Yolks and High Fat Dairy Product mustn't be taken during Jaundice.

∗ Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits must be avoided during the Healing process of Jaundice.
Tea and coffee - Completely avoid Tea and Coffee during Jaundice instead drink plenty of water and sleep on-time to bring back their physical to normal temperature.

Jaundice Diagnosis : Jaundice test & Exams 

Doctor will first conduct blood tests to determine the cause of Jaundice. A blood test can not only determine the total amount of bilirubin in your body, but it can also help detect indicators of other diseases such as hepatitis.
Other diagnostic tests may be used, including:

Jaundice Liver function tests: 
Jaundice test include a series of blood tests that measure levels of certain proteins and enzymes that the liver produces when it is healthy and when it is damaged. 

Jaundice Imaging tests: 

Jaundice Imaging test includes 
1. abdominal ultrasounds (using high-frequency sound waves to generate images of your internal organs)
2. computed tomography (CT) scan 
3. magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests
4. liver biopsies: a small piece of liver tissue is removed for testing and microscopic examination. 

Jaundice Home Treatment

Watch this video below to Know Some Quick Natural Home Remedies for Jaundice Treatment

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