Start Your Day with Lemon Water - Get Rid of Belly Fat - How to Make Lemon water

Though, Lemon is the most common fruit in every Home. It is easily available too. It is filled with Vitamins and minerals.

Benefit of drinking Warm lemon water in the Morning :-

>> Lemon water helps to improve our Digestive system
>> It is Good for digestion and Hydration of our body.
>> Lemon is loaded with vitamins and minerals.
>> Lemon is very good for skin problems like acne, pimples
>> Lemon water is Helpful in for Skin and Body Detoxing
>> Helpful for Acid reflux or other Digestive issues.
>> Helps to get rid of Belly Fat.

Easy ways to Make Warm Lemon water at Home :-

Step1: Take a fresh Lemon Cut it Half

Step2: Squeeze it in a glass until all the juice is removed

Step3: Add warmed water to the glass. Mix it with a Teaspoon

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