Can't Fall Asleep? Sleeping Problems? How to go to Sleep & Get a Good Nights Rest

In This 10 Tip You Will Learn How To Get Good Sleep At Night:-

Tip No 10 :- Stick to a schedule to get easy and fast sleep.
Tip No 9:-  Sleep Only At Night .
Tip No 8:- Do 20 minutes of  Exercise Daily  .
Tip No 7:-Take a hot shower or bath before going to bed. 
Tip No 6:- Try to avoid eating just before the bed.
Tip No 5:- Avoid caffeine
Tip No 4:- Read a fiction book
Tip No 3:- Make your room slightly color
Tip No 2:-Sleep in silence
Tip No 1:- Avoid alcohol before bedtime

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You can attempt about any unwinding strategy that works for you. This has a tendency to mean profound breathing activities. The University of Maryland Sleep Disorders Clinic has a couple of recommendations for how to do this:

*lie on your back.

*slowly relax your body.

*begin to breathe in gradually through your nose if conceivable. Fill the lower piece of your midsection in the first place, then the center and top piece of your midsection and lungs. Make sure to do this gradually, in excess of 8 to 10 seconds.

*hold your breath for a moment or two.

*then quietly and effectively unwind and let the freshen up.

*wait a couple of seconds and rehash this cycle.

*if you end up getting mixed up, then you are trying too hard. Ease off.

*you can likewise envision yourself in a quiet circumstance, for example, on a warm, delicate sea. Envision that you climb on the delicate swells of the water as you breathe in and sink down into the waves as you breathe out.

*you can proceed with this breathing procedure the length of you like until you nod off.

In the event that profound breathing doesn't help you unwind enough to nod off, toe twists may. Simply twist your toes, hold them for a couple of seconds, then uncurl.
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